It is important to take good care of your sun protection swimsuit to prolong its useful life. The sun, salt water, chlorine, sand and lotions can damage your swimsuit and deteriorate it, but with proper care it will stay in good condition throughout the season.

Rinsewash well with water after each use

Rinse your swimsuit in cold water after each use. If it is necessary to wash it, do it preferably by hand. Fill your sink with cold water and add some mild soap. Gently wash and rinse well with cold water. Do not soak your swimsuit for a long time as this is bad for the fibers and makes them lose their elasticity. Do not squeeze or wring your swimsuit hard as this weakens the elastic and this will directly affect its fit.

Remove trapped sand

Sand can get trapped inside the fibers of swimsuits. This is true of all UPF50+ swimsuits made from similar fabrics. To remove trapped sand, run your swimsuit in cold water with a little fabric softener. This will cause the sand to release almost completely. Then hang to dry and once dry, gently run your finger across the fabric to remove any remaining grit. On baby products, because they spend a lot of time sitting in the sand, you may need to repeat this process several times to remove it completely.

How to dry your swimsuit UPF50+

Don't leave your bathing suit rolled up and don't put it away when it's still wet. Hang it to dry in a cool, shady place and avoid direct sunlight. Do not hang your swimsuit to dry on a metal hanger, as this could leave a rust mark that is impossible to remove. Never tumble dry!


The sun, salt water, high levels of chlorine and sweat can damage the fabric of your swimsuit and cause the color to fade. Rinse with plenty of fresh water after use, be careful when applying creams and not leaving it to dry in the sun will help keep the colors intact.

Products with Neon colors are more sensitive to hot water and can even fade. It is recommended to always wash with cold water and do not store wet together with other clothes.

Cream stains

Sunscreen can leave stains on fabric that are difficult to remove, so be careful when applying it. We recommend applying it between 20 and 30 minutes before sun exposure, so that it is completely absorbed.

Rough surfaces

Rough surfaces such as concrete, benches, pool decks, and other rough materials can damage the fabric of your swimsuit, snag it, or create worn areas. Prevent your children from sitting on or brushing against rough surfaces or while wearing their sun-protective bathing suit.