Ventajas de utilizar ropa con protección solar

Advantages of using clothing with sun protection

Clothing is the most effective form of sun protection. It is our first line of defense against the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays.

Clothes made from sun-protective fabrics offer many advantages over sun-protection cream:

  1. They offer sun protection constantly, unlike creams, it should not be reapplied every 2 hours. Its effectiveness does not diminish with the passage of time, bathing, sweating or if we dry ourselves with a towel.
  2. Can be used at any age. Sun protection creams should not be used on children under 6 months of age.
  3. Avoid possible skin reactions that a sun protection cream can cause, for example hypersensitivity reactions in children with atopic skin. It is a respectful option with our skin.
  4. It does not generate waste, which makes it a more sustainable and respectful option with the environment. It is important to take care of our oceans and our beaches.
  5. In the long term it is a cheaper option than buying several bottles of sunscreen during the same summer. In addition, it does not stop being effective after 12 months like most sun creams once they are opened. Even if you have to change sizes the following summer, you can reuse the garment for a sibling.
  6. The protection provided by the garment is always that indicated by the UPF factor, it does not depend on the amount of cream applied. It's important to remember that we typically apply much less sunscreen than we should.
  7. The entire area covered by clothing is well protected. There are no neglect zones.
  8. Offers protection from the moment we start using the garment. We must not apply it time before for it to take effect.
  9. It is comfortable and easy to put on
  10. Brightly colored clothing with sun protection makes it easier for us to locate our children on a crowded beach.

At Badawii we always say that the best sun protection for our children is the one they want to use, since that is the most effective way to make sure they are protected.