It is important to take good care of your UPF50+ swimwear. Sun, salt water, chlorine, sand and sunscreen can be stressful for your swimwear and deteriorate it, but with the right care, your swimwear should last in perfect condition through the season. Read our tips below to keep your Badawii swimwear looking as good as new.


Rinse well 

Rinse you swimwear in cold water after each use. If it is necessary to wash your UPF50+ swimwear, do this preferably by hand. Fill your sink with cold water and add some mild soap. Wash gently and rinse well with cold water. Do not soak your swimwear as this is bad for the fibers and causes them to loose their elasticity. Don’t wring your swimwear. This causes the elastic to weaken and that will directly effect the fit of your swimwear. 


Removing sand

Sand can get trapped within fibres of the fabric. This can happen with all UPF50+ swimwear made of similar fabrics. To remove trapped sand, put your swimwear in cold water with a little bit of softener. This will make the sand wash away almost completely. Then hang out to dry and once dry, gently run your fingernail along the fabric to remove the rest of the sand. In baby models, since they spend a lot of time playing and sitting on the sand, you might need to repeat this process a few times until you can completely remove it.


How to dry your UPF50+ swimwear

Don’t leave your swimwear rolled up and dont store it when it is still wet. Hang dry in a cool, shaded place and avoid direct sunlight. Don’t hang your swimwear out to dry on a metal hanger. This could leave a rust mark which is impossible to get out. Don’t tumble dry!


Colour fading

Sun, salt water, high levels of chlorine and sweat can damage the fabric of your swimwear and cause color to fade. Rinse with plenty of fresh water after each use, be careful when applying sunscreen and do not hang to dry under direct sunlight to keep the colors intact. 

Neon color products are more sensitive to high temperatures and could even bleed when washed in hot water or in contact with other garments. We recommend to always wash in cold water and hang to dry.



Sunscreen can leave stains in the fabric that are difficult to remove, be careful when applying it. We recommend to apply it 20-30 minutes before exposing to sunlight, so that it can be fully absorbed.


Rough surfaces and slides

Rough surfaces such as concrete, swimming pool edges, benches and other rough materials can damage the fabric, snagging it or creating worn areas. Try to avoid sitting on rough surfaces while wearing your UPF50+ swimwear.